Transit Stop: MUNI & BART. App Reviews

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This app is worthless. Visiting from another city and trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B. This app doesn't do that. Take a hint from NYC's subway app.

Literally don't know how to use this

How would you design a transit app? Tap a stop, you should probably see when buses will be there. Tap a bus line, you should probably see the buses and ETAs. I have no idea if this app actually does that because I'm completely confused despite the fact that it only has like 5 to click on


If you don't already know the name of the route you want, you can't find anything. Deleting this from my device.

Great app

I just downloaded this app and so far I'm impressed. Has an easy to use and clean UI, uncomplicated, able to change a few options, fast, and accurate!

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